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Bullet Moulds & Handles
        U242-437 (.437)         

Was $49.95 $34.95
(call for shipping and handling)


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Spirit Level
Tunnel Sight

Spirit level tunnel sight with micrometer adjustment for windage equipped with no. 12 interchangeable inserts for high precision shooting.

USA426   Spirit level sight

SALE $135.00 *While Quantities Last - No Rain Checks*
(call for shipping and handling)

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Tunnel Sight
With Inserts

Tunnel sight with 12 interchangeable inserts. For cartridge guns.

USA455   Tunnel sight

$55.00 (Call For Availability)
(call for shipping and handling)

"Soule type"
Tang Sight

The "Soule type" tang sight is the world-wide choice of both target shooters and hunters. One full turn of the windage knob changes the left or right aim point by 2.5 minutes of angle (in 1/2 minute increments). Quick and accurate return to center or previous setting is another big advantage. Ample windage movement for any shooting conditions. Axis between the two holes of 2 3/16" up to 2 5/16". 

U405   Mid range Creedmoor sight    $270.00
(Call For Availability)
U406   Long range Creedmoor sight (not pictured)    $299.00
(Call For Availability)
(call for shipping and handling)

Creedmore "Goodwin Style"
Long Range Silhouette Sight

This high precision Creedmoor sight with cylindrical staff off center to the axis of the barrel was popular with long range target shooters in the late 1800’s. Thanks to its “flag” position, the eye piece slide enables a very wide windage adjustment with a movement of 1.26” (32 mm), particularly useful in strong wind conditions. The elevation adjustment has a movement of 3.94” (100 mm) The structural features of the Goodwin Creedmoor sight offers the advantage to reach the rifle chamber with any cleaning device and to inspect the barrel between the shots. The sight base has a “tilt” screw which allows the staff to be set perfectly vertical at all elevations. Distance between the two mounting holes: 2 3/16” up to 2 5/16” (56 up to 58,2 mm).

USA407   Long range "Goodwin Style" Creedmoor sight

(Call For Availability)
(call for shipping and handling)

"Soule Type" Deluxe Sight Set
Middle Range

Deluxe sight set with U405 Soule sight, USA426 spirit level front sight, replacement spirits, front inserts and adjustable eyepiece in a wooden storage box.

U170   Deluxe sight set

$625.00 (Call For Availability)
(call for shipping and handling)

Gun Sleeve

Soft leather sleeves are the classic protection for blackpowder and cartridge firearms. Totally hand-made..

On Sale!

D642   41"         $130.00   $49.95

(call for shipping and handling)


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Rolling Block
Display Case

Display case for Pedersoli Rolling Block rifle with 34" barrel & pistol grip stock. Walnut case with drape fitted forest green velvet interior.

C225 CASE        $250.00

(call for shipping and handling)


U470   Nipples      $3.00
Lead flint clamps (3 pack)     $4.00
Small flints 5/8" (5 pack)     $21.00
Small flints 3/4" (5 pack)    $21.00
Large flints 7/8" (5 pack)    $22.00
Large flints 1" (5 pack)    $22.00
Lead Balls .445 Diameter (100 Pack)   $25.00
1886/71 Rear Bolt Sight   $85.00

(call for shipping and handling)


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