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32533BRO American Deringer Model M-4, 44 Magnum O/U Deringer With 4" Barrels, Stainless, Laminated Wood Grips, 98% Overall $525.00 1
33072CAR Ed Brown, Massad Ayoob Edition, 45 ACP Semi-Auto With 4 1/4" Barrel, Stainless, Checkered Front Strap & Mainspring Housing, Ambi-Safety, Low Profile Trijicon Night Sights, Appears New In The Pouch $2,700.00 1
32718 Browning Medalist, 22LR Semi-Auto Pistol With 6 3/4" Vent Rib Barrel, Bluing Is 99%, Grips 98% With A Few Marks, Case Excellent With A Couple Of Small Scuffs, Has Weights, Screwdriver, Keys, Loading Block $1,195.00 1
33184PHI Colt 1st Model Dragoon, 44 Caliber Percussion With 7 1/2" Barrel, F Series, 98% Overall But Has No Box $550.00 1
33182PHI Colt 2nd Model Dragoon, 44 Caliber With 7 1/2" Barrel, F Series, 99% Gun But Has No Box $650.00 1
33175PHI Colt 3rd Model Dragoon, 44 Caliber Percussion With 7 1/2" Barrel, F Series Gun, 99% With Slight Cocking Ring, No Box, Cased With Accessories But Nonfactory $650.00 1
33155PET Colt 2nd Generation 3rd Dragoon, 44 Caliber Percussion, Factory Engraved With Rampant Colt Horse Done In Gold, Also Gold Inlaid Barrel Band, Gun Appears New In Tattered Black Box $2,350.00 1,2,3,4
33183PHI Colt Baby Dragoon, 31 Caliber Percussion With 4" Octagon Barrel, F Series, Cocking Ring, 98%+ But No Box, Light Marks On The Backstrap $475.00 1
33178PHI Colt 1851 Navy Squareback, 36 Caliber Percussion With 7 1/2" Barrel, Noticeable Cocking Ring, Scratches On Cylinder, Marks On Straps & Barrel, Grips Scratched And Chipped, No Box $295.00 1
33012ROB Colt 1851 London Navy, 36 Caliber Percussion With 7 1/2" Barrel, 1856 Gun, Markings Very Clear, Gun Dark Gray In Color, All Matching, Very Good Cylinder Scene, Nice Grips, 75% Varnish With Notches On Right Butt, Very Good Mechanics $3,000.00 1,2,3,4
33177PHI Colt 1860 Army Fluted 44 Caliber Percussion With 8" Barrel, F Series, Gun Is 99%, Has A Slight Cocking Mark, With Box $795.00 1
32910 Colt 1861 Navy Richards-Mason Conversion To 38CF With 7 1/2" Barrel, Magnificent Antique, Shows 92% Nickel On Barrel, 50% Nickel On Ejector Rod Housing, 90% Nickel On Frame, No Finish On Gate, No Finish On Straps, All Cylinder Scene, 80% Nickel On Cylinder, Great Mechanics, Lovely Old Ivory, Barrel, Frame Straps & Cylinder All Matching $6,995.00 1,2
33176PHI Colt 1862 Pocket Navy, 36 Caliber Percussion With 5 1/2" Barrel, F Series, 99% With Box, Slight Cocking Ring, Box Is A Bit Tattered $595.00 1
33179PHI 1862 Pocket Police, 36 Caliber Percussion With 5 1/2" Barrel, F Series, Slight Cocking Ring, 98%+ But No Box $550.00 1
32967FRE Colt 1877 Lightning, 38 Caliber Revolver With 3 1/2" Barrel, Nickel Plated, 90%+ Nickel Remains, Old Factory Ivory Grips, Etched Panel, Gun Will Letter From Colt In This Configuration, 1879 Gun, Vise Marks On Barrel & Frame $2,995.00 1,2
32915 Colt 1878 Frontier "Omnipotent" Marks Revolver With 7 1/2" Barrel, Antique, 1st Year Gun, Gun Has Been Refinished & Retains 95% Nickel Plate, Fat Grip Gun With Worn Checkered Walnut, Good Mechanics, A No Record Gun But Still Very Scarce $3,250.00 1,2,3
32767BRO Colt Model 1908 Vest Pocket, 25 Caliber Semi-Auto With 2" Barrel, 1922 Gun, Retains 98% Nickel Plate, Just A Few Handling Marks, Letters With Mother Of Pearl, Gun Has Deep Dish Mother Of Pearl Grips, Right Panel Has Hairline Crack, Nice Gun $1,350.00 1,2
38884 Colt Model 1908 Pocket Hammerless Type II, 380 Caliber Semi-Auto With 3 3/4" Barrel, 95% Metal Finish Remains With Some Handling Marks, Hard Rubber Grips, Two-Tone Magazine, 1922 Gun, C&R $1,250.00 1
32765HOP Colt 70 Series Gold Cup National Match, 45 ACP Semi-Auto With 5" barrel, Finish Is 96%+ With Just A Few Light Marks In The Metal, Has Beavertail Grip Safety, Nice Checkered Walnut Grips, (4) Nonfactory Magazines, Tru Dot Rear & Original Rear Sight, Nice Lined Leather Holster $1,150.00 1
33168SIE Colt Huntsman, 22 Caliber Semi-Auto With 4 1/2" Barrel, 1956 Gun, 85% Overall With A Few Marks From Use, The Straps Are Fading A Bit, Good Mechanics, With Leather Holster $375.00 soon
31981 Colt New Service, 38/40 Caliber Revolver With 7 1/2" Barrel, 1906 Gun, C&R, High Polish Blued Finish, Barrel Retains 70% Flaking Blue, Frame 40% Blue, Cylinder 75% Blue, Straps Gray, Very Nice Bore, Grips Are Nice With One Small Repair On Left Panel $1,250.00 1,2
38887 Colt Officer's Target, 3rd Issue 38 Special Revolver With 6" Heavy Barrel, Adjustable Sights (Front-Elevation, Rear-Windage), Diamond Pattern Checkered Walnut Grips With Deep Dish Medallions, Checkered Backstrap, Barrel 93% Blue With A Few Marks, Frame 90% $695.00 1
31986 Colt SAA, 32/20 Revolver With 7 1/2" Barrel, 1920 Gun, C&R, Frame Retains 65% Soft Case Colors, Nice Colors On Hammer, Barrel Retains 85% Blue, Cylinder Has 30% Blue & Remaining Metal Has Toned To Brown, Nice Grips, Very Crisp Action $3,750.00 1,2
31994 Colt SAA, 41 Colt Caliber Revolver With 4 3/4" Barrel, 1893 Gun, Barrel Retains 40% Flaked Nickel, Ejector Tube 30%, Frame 75%, Cylinder 75%, Some Scattered Frosting, Good Color On Screws, Grips Look Like Stag, Very Good Mechanics, With Factory Letter, Sold To G.S. Brown Co. In Galveston, TX., Shipped To C.O. LeCount (no address) May 20, 1893 $4,995.00 1,2,3
32903 Colt SAA, 41 Colt Revolver With 4 3/4" Barre;, 1892 Gun, Antique, BP Frame, Barrel Retains 40% Thinning Blue, Ejector Rod Housing 30%, Cylinder Brown With Traces Of Blue In The Flutes, Faint Case In The Protected Areas, Straps Mostly Toned, Lovely Black Hard Rubber Grips That Have Turned Brown And Fit Perfectly, Nice Mechanics $4,500.00 1,2
23194GRU Colt SAA Flattop Target, 450 Eley With 7 1/2" Barrel, Built In 1893, Gun Retains 90% Barrel Blue, Thinning A Bit, Frame Is 87%, Cylinder 85% But Toning, Straps 40% With Balance Toned, Nice Grips, Comes With Dan Fraser & Co. Leather Case, Factory Letter $22,500.00 1,2,3
32222NOR Colt SAA 2nd Generation 45 Caliber With 5 1/2" Barrel, Nonfactory Engraved By Master Howard Dove, (2) Engraved Cylinders, Nickel Plate, 3/4+ Engraving Coverage, Beautiful Work, Engraved Screws, Smooth Ivory Grips, Signed $10,000.00 1,2,3,4
30779PEA Colt Commemorative Sam Colt Sesquicentennial SAA 45 With 7 1/2" Barrel, Nonfactory Engraved In A Floral And Scroll Engraving Pattern, B Coverage, No Signature, One-Piece Style Grips, 96% Overall, Nonfactory Case $2,850.00 1,2
32436FEL Colt SAA 3rd Generation 32/20 Caliber Revolver With 4 3/4" Barrel, Beautifully Nonfactory Engraved By Expert Denise Thirion, 3/4 Scroll Coverage With Lovely Designs, Inked & Baked, Nickel Plated, One-Piece Style Ivory, New In Box With Detailed Letter Of All The Work $4,500.00 1,2,3,4
32437FEL Colt SAA 3rd Generation 38/40 Caliber Revolver With 4 3/4" Barrel, Beautifully Nonfactory Engraved By Expert Denise Thirion, 3/4 Scroll Coverage, Lovely Unique Designs, Blackpowder Frame, Nickel Plated, Lovely Grained Ivory, New In Box, With Detailed Letter Of The Work $4,500.00 1,2,3,4
23203GRU Colt SAA 3rd Generation 44/40 With 7 1/2" Barrel, 1992 Las Vegas Show Gun, It Is Factory Master Engraved & Custom Gold Work By Steve Kamyck, Gold Inlaid Scroll On Flats Of Cylinder, Barrel & Raised Gold Cougar Head On Recoil Shield, Factory Ivory, Letter And Case $12,000.00 1,2,3,
32221NOR Colt SAA, 3rd Generation 44 Special With 5 1/2" Barrel, Nonfactory Engraved By Master Howard Dove, All Nickel Plate Except For Fire-Blued Screws & Cylinder Pin, Coverage Is Full, Beautiful Engraving, With Ivory Grips, Scrimshawed $10,000.00 1,2,3,4
32220NOR Colt SAA 3rd Generation 45 Caliber With 4 3/4" Barrel, Nonfactory Engraved By Master Ken Hurst, Engraving Coverage 3/4+, Lovely Scroll, With Fire-Blued Package, Smooth Ivory Grips, Very Handsome Gun $8,500.00 1,2,3,4
32739PIL Colt SAA 3rd Generation 45 Caliber With 7 1/2" Barrel, Master Engraved & Gold By Accomplished Engraver John Pilkington, 3/4 Coverage, Lovely Scroll, Nice Gold Banded Accents, Gun Beautifully Finished By John Gillette, Great Case Colors, Blue & Fireblued Package, Ivory $5,500.00 1,2,3,4
C171FEL Colt Peacemaker Centennial Pair, Non-Factory Engraved By Expert Denise Thirion, 44/40 With 7 1/2" Barrel, Nickel, Inked & Baked, 3/4 Coverage, Checkered/Carved Ivory As Well As Original Grips, 45 Caliber With 7 1/2" Barrel, Blued & Casehardened Finish, 3/4 Engraving Coverage, One-Piece Style Ivory As Well As Original Grips, Guns Are New With Original Boxes, Paperwork And Display Case $9,000.00 1,2,3,4,
23202GRU Colt SAA 3rd Generation 45 Caliber With 8" Barrel, Serial USA*4, Gun Is Nonfactory Engraved By Alvin A. White And Signed Under The Grips, Gun Left Factory In The White, Engraved By White Outside And Returned For Factory Finishing, Beautiful Gun, With Letter $12,500.00 1,2,3,4,5
32445AMO Richard Constable, Copy Of Henry Deringer, Gun Has No Markings Except "RC" Under The Barrel, Bore Measures .42 And Barrel Is 3 5/8", Nice Mechanics, Back Action Lock, Hammer & Rear Of Barrel Engraved, Metal All Gray, Very Nice Stock, Missing Ramrod $1,500.00 1
32989COY Davis O/U Deringer, 22 Magnum Caliber With 2 3/4" Barrel, Nickel Finish, Smooth Wood Grips, 99% With Box & Papers $150.00 1
32087 Detonics Pocket Nine, 9mm Semi-Auto With 3" Barrel, Stainless, Double Action, Gun Is 99% With Box & Manual $425.00 1
33180PHI EMF Single Action 357 Magnum Revolver With 4 3/4" Barrel, Gun Has About 50% Engraving Coverage, Journeyman Quality, Engraved On The Barrel, Cylinder & Straps, No Engraving On Frame, Bone Grips Do Not Fit Very Well, 98% Finish $795.00 1
32232PEA Freedom Arms Model 83, 454 Casull Caliber Revolver With 7 1/2" Barrel, Adjustable Rear Sight, Stainless, 95% With A Few Marks On Barrel And Ejector Rod Housing, Hardwood Grips $1,375.00 1
30978ING Heckler & Koch Model P7, 9mm Semi-Auto With 4.13" Barrel, Has (2) Magazines, Wrong Box & Papers, Gun Is 98%+ Overall With 3-Dot Sights $1,350.00 1,2
32154BRI Hopkins & Allen Forehand Model Top Break, 32 S&W Revolver With 3 3/8" Barrel, 70% Nickel Remains, Action Works, Black Hard Rubber Grips, C&R Gun $75.00 1
32152BRI Hopkins & Allen Safety Police Hammerless Top Break, 32 S&W Revolver With 5" Barrel, Double Action Only, Action Needs Work, Mostly Brown Patina Finish, C&R, Checkered Wood Grips $100.00 1
29041MOR Hopkins & Allen Safety Police, 32 CF Revolver With 4" Barrel, C&R Gun, Retains 98% Original Nickel Plate, Trigger Guard Bow Has Toned, Nice Grips, Retains 95% Finish With A Few Marks, Great Mechanics $225.00 1
33193 Interarms Virginian Dragoon, 44 Magnum Single Action Revolver With 6" Barrel, Stainless, Adjustable Sights, 98%+ Overall, Smooth Walnut Grips $450.00 1
30686 Kentucky Pistol, Percussion, .38 Bore, 10 1/4" Octagon Barrel, Cannot Read Maker's Name, Tiger Striped Maple, Stock Has Been Cracked And Repaired, Hammer And Hammer Screw Replaced, Lock Works, Front Sight Replaced, Nice Old Kentucky Pistol $1,495.00 1,2
31735 Moore's Patent Front Loading Revolver, 32 Caliber Teat Fire, Single Action With 3 1/4" Barrel, Antique, Without Hook Extractor, Very Nice Mechanics, 35% Silver Plate, Engraved On Barrel And Frame, Barrel And Cylinder Dark Brown Color With A Bit Of Corrosion $450.00 1
31171 Moore's Patent Firearms Front Loading Revolver, 32 Teat-Fire, 3 1/4" Barrel With Hokke Extractor, Barrel Is Gray & Cylinder 70% Bright Blue, Frame Is Engraved And Retains 20% Silver Plate, Grips Solid But No Finish, Nice Crisp Mechanics, Antique $495.00 1
33071CAR Nighthawk Custom, Dominator, 45 ACP Semi-Auto With 5" Barrel, Hard Chrome Finish, Crowned Match Grade Barrel, Adjustable Trijicon Night Sights, Top Of Slide Serrated, Checkered Front Strap & Mainspring Housing, Laser Cocobolo Grips, (2) Magazines, With Pouch, Looks New $3,250.00 1
32534BRO Para Ordnance Model P-13, 45 ACP Semi-Auto With 4 1/4" Barrel, (1) Factory Magazine, Fixed 3-Dot Sights, Black Plastic Grips, 99% With Box & Papers $650.00 1
32583WAT Pedersoli Kentucky 54 Caliber Percussion Revolver With 10" Octagon Barrel, Gun Appears New And Has The Box & Papers, Walnut Stock, Brass Hardware $325.00 1
32904 Remington Model 1890 Single Action 44/40 Revolver With Very Scarce 5 3/4" Barrel, Antique, Barrel Retains 85% Nickel Plate (Holster Wear), Ejector Rod Housing 92% Nickel, Frame Is 94% Nickel With Slight Flaking, Cylinder 88% Nickel, Hammer 75% Nickel, Good Solid Grips With Some Wear, Very Good Mechanics $7,995.00 1,2
28886MOR Remington Double Deringer, 41 Caliber, 3" Barrel, Type III Late Production Gun, C&R Gun, This Is A Late Gun With The Very Flat Blue Finish, Frame Retains 96% Finish, Barrels Retain 80% Blue, Very Nice Grips, Nice Bores, Great Grips, Barrel Has Pin Instead Of Screw, Serial Range L95XXX $895.00 1
31271 Remington Rider Magazine Pistol, Antique, 32 RF Extra-Short With 3" Octagon Barrel, Retains 80% Flaking Nickel Plate, Grips Are Rosewood, Good Mechanics, Magazine Tube Has Spring And Follower $1,495.00 1
29002MOR Remington Smoot #2, 32 RF Short Single Action Revolver With 2 3/4" Octagon Barrel, Antique, Gun Retains 92% Original Nickel Plate With Flaking At The Breech End Of The Frame, Decent Original Grips, Good Mechanics, Front Sight Missing $350.00 1
33095 Rossi Model 352, 38 Special Revolver With 2" Barrel, Double Action, Polished Stainless, Factory Rubber Grips, 99% Overall $325.00 1
32759 Ruger New Model Bearcat, 22 Caliber Revolver With 4" Barrel, 98% Blue Remains, Loading Gate Has Plumed, Cocking Ring On Cylinder, 99% Smooth Wood Grips, With Box & Papers $350.00 1
33174 Ruger New Model Single-Six, 22LR Revolver With 9 1/2" Barrel, Adjustable Sights, Smooth Wood Grips, 99% Overall, Small Spot Of Corrosion On Left Side Of Hammer $495.00 1
33107 Sig-Sauer Model P226DAK, 40 S&W Caliber Semi-Auto With 4.4" Barrel, 6 1/2 LB Trigger, Night Sights, (2) 12-Round Magazines, 95% Overall With Box, No Manual $625.00 1
28586 Simeon North Model 1816 Early Type Flintlock Pistol, 54 Caliber With 9 1/16" Barrel, Metal Very Dark With Light Pitting, Hammer Works Poorly, Does Cock And Fire, Spring Is Weak, Will Not Go To Full Cock, Wood Solid, Chip Out Of Rear Of Lock $750.00 1
31579SCO Otis Smith Spur Trigger, 32 RF Single Action Revolver With 3" Barrel, Gun Has Been Reblued And Shows Some Pitting Under The Finish, Hammer & Trigger Work Fine But Cylinder Does Not Lock, Missing Rear Sight/Top Strap, Nice Grips, Antique $175.00 1
29000MOR Smith's Patent, April 15th, 1873, 32 RF, Spur Trigger Revolver With 2 15/16" Barrel, Retains 95% Original Nickel Plate, Nice Mechanics, Nice Rosewood Grips, Antique $275.00 1
33018ROB Smith & Wesson No.1 1/2, 2nd Issue, 32RF Single Action With 3 1/2" Barrel, Antique, Retains 85% Of An Old Nickel Refinish, Nice Rosewood Grips, Mechanically The Gun Needs A Trigger Spring As Will Not Keep Gun Cocked $450.00 1
32906 Smith & Wesson No.3 Russian, 44 Russian Revolver With 7" Barrel, Antique, Barrel Marking Is "Russian Model" At The End, 38XXX Serial Range With "SH" Inside A Diamond, Gun Retains 80% Original Nickel Plate But Almost No Nickel On Cylinder, Very Nice Fitting Old Ivory, Frame Appears To Have A Repaired Crack, Assembly Number On Barrel Release Lever Does Not Match Cylinder & Frame, Good Mechanics $1,795.00 1
33021ROB Smith & Wesson 32 Hand Ejector, 1st Model, 32 S&W Caliber Revolver With 3 1/4" Barrel, C&R Gun, Barrel 75% Bright Flaking Blue, Cylinder 65% Flaking Blue, Frame 20% Flaking Blue, All Blue Bright, Balance Toned To Brown, Nice Grips, Very Good Mechanics $495.00 1
33158CRI Smith & Wesson 32 Hand Ejector, Model Of 1905, 5th Change, 32 S&W Caliber Revolver With 4 1/4" Barrel, C&R Gun, Metal Retains Only 10% Finish, Remainder Is Brown Metal, Good Markings, Decent Mechanics, Missing Frame Screw, Grips Have Small Chip On Butt $195.00 1
33015ROB Smith & Wesson 38 Single Action 1st Model (Baby Russian), 38 S&W Caliber Revolver With 4" Barrel, Antique, Gun Retains 90% Soft Nickel Plate, Cylinder Is 85%, Lovely Grips, Nice Mechanics, Inside Frame Number Matches Cylinder, Outside Frame Number Matches Latch & Barrel $750.00 1
32106HUM Smith & Wesson Model 1905 Hand Ejector, 4th Change, 32/20 Revolver With 6" Barrel, All Matching Gun, Retains 90% Nickel Plate That Is Flaking Slightly On The Frame, Diamond Pattern Grips Numbered To Gun, Minor Pitting Near Muzzle, Hammer & Trigger 60% Case, C&R $995.00 1,2
31847 Smith & Wesson Model 1917, 45 ACP Revolver With 5 1/2" Barrel, U.S. Property Marked, Cylinder About 90%, Barrel About 80%, Frame About 90%, Trigger 50% Color, Early Gun With Grooved Hammer, Solid Grips With A Few Marks $1,095.00 1
33001ELL Spanish Copy Of A S&W Hand Ejector Model 1905, 32/20 Caliber Revolver With 5" Barrel, 98%+ Matte Black Finish, Nice Checkered Walnut Grips, Good Mechanics $175.00 1
32417 Springfield Model XDM, 45 ACP Semi-Auto With 3.8" Barrel, (1) 13-Round Magazine And (1) 9-Round Magazine, 3-Dot Sights, Accessory Pack, New In Box $675.00 1
31234 Stevens Model No.41, 22 Caliber Single Shot Pistol With 3 1/2" Barrel, Gun Retains 90% Original Nickel Plate On Frame And Barrel, Walnut Grips Retain 85% Finish With Some Marks, Scarce Variation With Firing Pin On Hammer And Not In Recoil Shield, C&R Gun $350.00 1
25120HOL Tanfoglio Model GT41, 41AE Caliber Semi-Auto With 4 3/4" Barrel, Ambi. Safety, (1) Magazine, 98%+ Black Matte Finish Remains, With Box $325.00 1
33101CUM Taurus Raging Bull, Bright Stainless, 454 Casull Caliber Revolver With 6 1/2" Barrel, Gun Is 98%+ With Just A Couple Of Rub Marks, Factory Rubber Grips, With Box And Hammer Lock Wrench $775.00 1
32995COY Traditions River Boat Gambler, 45 Caliber Percussion Single Shot Limited Edition Of 2000, 3" Barrel, Nickel Finish, 99% Overall $175.00 1
33040WES U.S. Historical 1851 Navy, Robert E. Lee Tribute, 36 Caliber Percussion With 7 1/2" Barrel, Bright Blue Finish With Select Gold Plating, Gun Appears New, Smooth Walnut Grips, Cased With Accessories, 1984 Issue $995.00 1
32567WAT Uberti 1st Model Dragoon, 44 Caliber Percussion Revolver With 7 1/2" Barrel, 99% Gun, Blue/Casehardened, Brass Straps, Walnut Grips, With Box & Papers $375.00 1
32604WAT Uberti 3rd Model Dragoon, 44 Caliber Percussion Revolver With 7 1/2" Barrel, Gun Is 99% And Has Box & Papers $350.00 1
32590WAT Uberti 1849 Wells Fargo, 31 Caliber Percussion Revolver With 4" Octagon Barrel, Smooth Wood Grips, 99%, Left Grip Panel Has Ding, With Box & Papers $275.00 1
32593WAT Uberti 1851 Navy Leech & Rigdon, 36 Caliber Percussion Revolver With 7 1/2" Round Barrel, Smooth Wood Grips, Appears New With Box & Papers $295.00 1
32596WAT Uberti 1862 Pocket Navy, 36 Caliber Percussion Revolver With 5 1/2" Octagon Barrel, Smooth Wood Grips, Appears New With Box & Papers $295.00 1
32548BRO Walther P5, 9MM Semi-Auto With 3 1/2" Barrel, Decocking Lever, (2) 8-Round Factory Magazines, 99% Gun With Box & Papers $1,350.00 1
32971FRE Walther Undated P38, ac, 9MM Semi-Auto With 5" Barrel, Professional Restoration, Correct Serial Number Range, All Matching, E/359 Proofs, C&R, 1940 Gun, Brown Bakelite Grips, Excellent Bore, 95% Restored Finish, Rarest Of The Militarys $3,995.00 1,2
32200MUR Walther P-38 100th Anniversary, 9mm Semi-Auto With 5" Barrel, Gun Is New In The Box With All Paperwork, Test Target, (2) Magazines And Presentation Case $895.00 1
32524BRO Walther P-38 100th Anniversary Model, 9MM Semi-Auto With 5" Barrel, Gun Appears New In Box, Matte Black Finish, Black Plastic Grips, Has Display Case & Spare Magazine, No Case Key, A Few Marks On The Case $895.00 1


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